Halcyon Initiative Introduction

What does Halcyon mean?

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

  • Characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity : GOLDEN —often used to describe an idyllic time in the past that is remembered as better than today. Also: Calm, Peaceful. [the halcyon days of crypto]
  • A bird identified with the kingfisher species. Held in ancient legend to nest at sea about the time of the winter solstice, and to calm the waves during incubation. [the origin of our logo and mascot]

What is "Halcyon Initiative"?

Crypto Services consisting of a collection of blockchain contractsapplications and educational content. Made with love by a Dutch based, doxxed team that started in April 2021.

Crypto Services


First deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. Other chains will follow.

  • Halcyon Compass
    Our router contract handles token swaps and supports arbitrage and flash-loans via our Token Trader interface.
  • Halcyon Templar
    Contract that acts as a bank. Deposit and withdraw at will, anytime. Funds can be used for automatic token trading (a.k.a sniper bot) via our website app.
  • Halcyon utility token ($HI)
    Some features of our services will be incentivized by holding $HI

Contract Checker

Halcyon Contract Checker checks verified contracts on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Cronochain and other EVM compatible chains for possible scams like rug pulls, honeypots and much more.

Delivered as website app and as Telegram bot.

Wallet Tracker

Multichain Crypto Wallet Tracker with historic balances and real time prices! Manage your tokens with ease.
Community sentiment feature and scam blacklisting to help protect you.

Token Trader

  • Real time chart and transactions (multi-chain).
  • Buy/Sell best deals using the on chain multi-exchange price aggregator.
  • Wallet order book with real time balance/staking updates and profit status of the last trade.
  • Arbitrage trading.

Token Shop

Same features as Token Trader, but only with the trading part. Quickly buy/sell without distractions.
Buy with fiat via bank wire, PayPal, ...

Halcyon Token Finder

Search through millions of tokens on all chains. Tokens are scored to minimize the risk of buying a scam.

Delivered as website app (all tokens) and Telegram channel (new listings).

Halcyon Crypto Academy

Series of articles explaining the basics of the crypto universe.
Unique content using the web's best practices which search engines will appreciate. Attracts new-comers and potential new investors.

Halcyon Initiative: Your one-stop crypto solution!

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