Wallet Tracker Overview

Crypto Wallet Tracker for Binance Smart Chain with historic BNB, USD balances and scam protection.


The Halcyon Wallet Tracker is the only app to date that allows you to see historic values for all your assets (tokens) as well as live, current values in USD and the chain's native token. Token balances are updated in real time as well, allowing you to track the actual value at any time.

The interface should be familiar to most users but for the rest, here's a breakdown of all working parts.

Use the wallet icon on the right top to (dis)connect your wallet. (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Brave Wallet).

The right top drop-down menu has a view mode switch from light to dark and a token search feature. The latter is a convenience feature that opens the Token Trader page where you can view real time trades, a chart, buy and sell and much more. That part of the application will be explained in another article.

Wallet Tracker

Top line. From left to right:

  • Current chain's native token (BNB, ETH, ...) market value in USD
  • Current BTC market value in USD
  • Investment. All chain's native token transfers to and from your wallet consisting of (hot)wallet transfers, fees paid, contract airdrops and claims.
  • BNB, ETH, ... Your current chain's native token balance
  • Total Value. The value in USD for all active tokens and your chain's native token balance
  • Profit. Total Value minus investment.
  • TXS. Total number of transactions made on this wallet
  • Fees Paid. All fees for (failed) trades, approvals and transfers.

Chart. Consists of three series of data. Each data point is the value of the last minute of a day. Multiple transfers/trades are aggregated to a single value marking your position at the end of that day.

  • Blue area. chain's native token balance
  • Green area. USD balance (chain's native token + active tokens)
  • Green/Red columns. Incoming/Outgoing transfers.

Hover the chart to get an info line, displayed on the left hand, with chain's native token balance and USD value at the date of the cursor position. Click a column for info about a transfer. Clicking the chart will activate the hover function again.

Wallet Tracker

Wallet Tokens.

All your tokens currently in your wallet are listed here. You can search by symbol, name and (partial) address. Multiple mixed searches are possible too. For example: SFM 0xe9e7 BNB will list in order: Safemoon V2, BinancePeggedUSD and WrappedBNB.

Real time updates and chart data will only take into account tokens that are not set to "Hidden"!

Community Sentiment. You can mark your tokens as "Hidden" and "Favorite" along with your sentiment, being "GOOD", "BAD" or "NEUTRAL" and an optional public note.

Public notes can serve as a reminder or a warning to other users. For instance, you could add a warning for a rug pull or honeypot.

All notes are scrutinized by an Halcyon admin before publishing!

Wallet Tracker

Again, by hiding a token you will take it out of the loop for chart data and real time updates.

This is actually important because there are many(!) unwanted airdrops or dust attacks of tokens that show high USD values but are actually worth zilch.

Most of these tokens are blacklisted by an Halcyon admin soon after they pop up.
Blacklisted tokens will never show even if they are in your wallet!

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