Trade Crypto Currency

In the final step of crypto basics we will show you how to trade on platforms such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

In the final step of crypto basics we will show you how to trade.

Trading on an exchange (CEX)

Most CEXs have a similar interface to below screenshot from Binance. Many features such as limit buy, stop loss, and automatic buy/sell at pre set prices are not available on DEXs - however Halcyon Initiative is building something to that extent :)


Swap tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX)


The by far most used DEX (by chance running on the Binance Chain) is PancakeSwap. You can tell there's not much to act on in terms of price action making it hard to buy at the right time. Also note the 'connect' button which will trigger your wallet manager to pop and confirm interaction with the app.

Again, a word of caution! Be wary of a website trying to connect your wallet. If you don't know 100% for sure it's a trusted website, DO NOT CONNECT. There are websites that are capable of emptying your wallet upon connecting. To that effect 'they' tend to send 'free' tokens to your wallet with a fake but high $$$ value luring you to connect. This is known as a Dust Attack or Phishing Scam.

Luckily there are many websites trusted by millions offering decent real time charts and interactive trade tools.
The most popular DEX apps in no particular order are: Poocoin (BNB, KUCOIN, POLYGON) - Dexscreener (almost everything) - DexTools (almost everything) - Bogged Finance (BNB, POLYGON)

More DEX apps: UniSwap (ETH) - Raydium (SOL) - QuickSwap (POLYGON) - TraderJoe (AVAX) and SpookySwap (FANTOM)

Things to know

Slippage and price impact

Liquidity Pools

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