A document describing our concept in detail.

Our litepaper short version can be viewed and downloaded here



  1. What is Halcyon?
  2. USP
  3. Utility Token
  4. Tokenomics
  5. ICO
  6. Applications
  7. Academy
  8. Marketing
  9. Team
  10. Roadmap

Halcyon Initiative is: One-stop solution Crypto Services consisting of a collection of online applications and educational content.

Made with love by a mixed nationality and doxxed team that started in April 2021.

Our Crypto Services

Halcyon Crypto Academy

Attract new investors by providing unique educational content, thoroughly researched and written with newcomers in mind.

We have the tools and know-how to become a top result in internet search engines.

Multi-chain Wallet Tracker

The only portfolio tracker with historic positions for the chain's native coin and all tokens in your wallet.

All tokens are extensively checked and blacklisted if necessary to protect you.

Includes a community system for sharing token notes and voting.

Multi-chain Contract Checker

Available as Telegram bot and website app.

Includes several other checks such as liquidity and developer trust. Ape with (more) confidence.

Multi-chain Token Trader

Best deal guaranteed by comparing all prices across exchanges.

Execute system suggested arbitrage trades with multi-hop trading pairs.

Halcyon is not dependent on 3rd parties! We create our own charts directly from raw blockchain data.

(Arbitrage) Trading is executed via our own router contract!

Multi-chain Token Finder

Find the right token on any chain currently supported.

Tokens are checked in realtime when a new trading pair is created on chain.

Blacklisting based on liquidity, trade volume, name hijacking and developer sentiment.

Halcyon Initiative supports all Ethereum VM blockchains (currently active: BNB, ETH, CRO)

What does Halcyon mean?

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
  • characterized by happiness, great success, and prosperity : GOLDEN —often used to describe an idyllic time in the past that is remembered as better than today. Also: Calm, Peaceful. [the halcyon days of crypto]
  • a bird identified with the kingfisher and held in ancient legend to nest at sea about the time of the winter solstice and to calm the waves during incubation. [the origin of our logo and mascot]

Halcyon Initiative: Crypto Services providing education, the best trade deals, arbitrage opportunities, scam protection and historic portfolio insights on Ethereum VM.

Unique Selling Points

How do we stack up against the competition?

  1. All our data is straight from the blockchain without any third party dependencies such as API services.
  2. We can support any EVM blockchain and create charts for it ourselves.
  3. We are the first and only to date to offer historical positions for tokens and the native coin, including investment and profit/loss over time.
  4. We offer a single interface where you can natively trade tokens on any chain using our custom router. On top, the router supports arbitrage and flash loans. (roadmap for Q4 2022 but a working beta is available.)
  5. We incorporate several tools to help protect our clients from making the wrong trading decission.
  6. We have a strong focus on crypto newcomers for whom we built an educational program. From a business standpoint this will help grow our brand and maintain buying pressure. Win-win.
  7. Our HALCYON contract is the first deflationary token that actually raises the price floor!

Halcyon Initiative Utility Token

Token on the BNB Chain. Symbol: HALCYON.

Other chains will follow shortly.

Smart Contract Audit


Our contract is written from scratch without copying any part from anywhere else. It incorporates the standards as proposed by OpenZeppelin

It's the only contract to date that actually deflates the price by removing tokens from the pool while keeping BNB or BUSD the same. (X*Y=K)

Contracts using the widely used and known reflection system actually lower the price! They sell half of the tokens off the liquidity tax fees to their BNB-paired pool for BNB and than add liquidity back using the same BNB and the other half of the tokens. On top, the trader who happens to trigger the swap will pay for the gas fees!

The Halcyon contract uses it's own custom system that raises the price floor of the market being sold to (BNB/HALCYON, BUSD/HALCYON, ...) which minimizes arbitrage and is super cheap with gas fees.

It's not susceptible to reentrancy hacks.

It's unruggable! It can not be turned into a honeypot!

Max fee setters have a max value of 10%. Liquidity is locked in the contract.


  • unique auto-staking system without reentrancy
  • zero buy and transfer tax
  • low network fees due to optimized code
  • fee setters have sensible max values

Buy / Transfer Fees: None

Sell fee 12%

  • 4% auto-staking
  • 3% deflation + burn
  • 2% marketing
  • 2% development/nodes
  • 1% community (quiz airdrops)
Liquidity locked forever.

Holders benefits:

- Auto-staking rewards on every sell. - Trading and arbitrage will incur a 0.3% fee on each trade - A reduced fee of 0.1% is for holders only. * The wallet tracker is free to anyone.

50% of the fees taken from the Token Trader, 0.1/0.3% for each trade, will be used to raise the price floor. 50% goes to the marketing wallet to further build our brand.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial launch is on the BNB Chain (formerly SmartChain).

Our ICO will incorporate a public presale with a vesting period to protect all of our investors against sudden price drops.

  • HALCYON will be paired with Binance Pegged USD (BUSD) which is non-volatile and backed by actual fiat.
  • Other common pairs will be created with minimum liquidity (with the same token price).
  • A maximum of 25% of the total supply is reserved for the presale.
  • After the vesting period, our investors will receive 5% bonus in the form of HALCYON tokens on the condition they haven't sold more than 50% of their holdings.
  • 50% of the presale tokens will be released before launch to our investors.
  • 20% after one week and 10% in each following week (3x 10%).
  • The presale tokens are therefore fully distributed after 4 weeks.

Presale and team wallets (no exceptions) receive a maximium of 0.5% of the total supply.

Presale date: September 1, 2022.

Presale Entry


Multi-Chain Token Checker

Halcyon Contract Checker

Our token checker is one way to help protect you against scams. Is it 100% full proof? NO. Not one checker tool can guarantee you won't lose your investment! Always DYOR and only invest what you can afford to lose!

When in doubt you can always post a message in our Halcyon Telegram chat!

A bit of background, taken from our Halcyon Crypto Academy.

Literally anyone with basic computer knowledge can deploy a piece of software on the Ethereum blockchain and derivatives such as Binance Smart Chain and Cronos. The common term for such software is "Smart Contract" (also referred to as "Token") and it runs in it's own shielded environment separated from the host and other contracts. That is essentially what a "Virtual Machine" means. Since all EVM blockchains are basically the same, one can deploy the same contract on every one of them.

A contract developer is completely free to add any piece of logic, with possibly unexpected results for the one interacting with it: You! Common "tricks" include setting a very high fee on a sell interaction, pretending to renounce ownership, or simply to disable trading at a certain point in time. However, a relatively safe contract is only part of the story, in which you as a trader could end up losing your entire investment.

Contract Checker vs Token Checker

Our Halcyon Token Checker not only puts the contract under scrutiny, but includes other checks as well. Lastly, it will display some useful facts of the current trading state.

Here's an overview of the features:

  • Support for proxied contracts.
  • (Fake) owner renounced.
  • Number of deployed scam contracts by developer address
  • Name hijacking. When a developer pretends to be a known hyped token.
  • Owner functions if not renounced - o.a: fee setters, (delayed) honeypot.
  • Tokenomics - total supply, buy/sell fees, and more depending on the contract.
  • Current liquidity pool, date created, last trade date or "not launched yet".
  • Top liquidity token holders - E.O.A or (locker) contract or burnt.
  • Top token holders - whale alert, whale watching
  • Current price
  • Current price for the chain's native coin. (e.g. WBNB for BSC)
  • 24h trading volume (buys:sells)
  • Gas fee estimates for buying and selling

A verdict or resulting score is as follows:

  • CURRENCY: Common base pair, e.g. USDT (contracts that pretend to be a CURRENCY are blacklisted)
  • DYOR: Do your own research. No flags at the time of checking.
  • FLAGGED: deployer has a doubtful history
  • AVOID: permanent blacklist for a number of reasons, never interact with this token on any site
  • DEAD: not enough liquidity (anymore) or no trades for 24h. Liquidity should be worth at least 5,000 USD

Halcyon is gathering new trading pairs every minute in order to be up to speed for all requests.

Token contracts that fail to meet the basic standards are not stored in our database and therefore lack additional info. An example would be a contract that uses a Telegram link as it's symbol, but there are other conditions as well. The verdict would always be "AVOID" but it could be a profitable (likely short-lived) play.

You decide at the end of the day!

The Token Checker can be used on our website (https://halcyoninitiative.com/contract-checker) and as a Telegram bot (https://t.me/HalcyonCCBot). The latter can be used stand-alone and can be integrated in a Telegram community.

The checker has been running as a test for months in several communities to help build brand recognition.

BSC Contract Checker

Our checker is one of few (or the only one?) that supports all EVM chains.

Multi-chain Wallet Tracker

Wallet Tracker

How much is your portfolio worth? How much did you invest in USD at the time of purchase?

Halcyon presents the only existing portfolio tracker with historic positions for the chain's native coin and all tokens in your wallet.

All tokens are extensively checked and blacklisted if necessary to protect you.

It includes a community system for sharing token notes and voting.

Wallet Tracker

Here's an overview of the features:

  • Historic balances in USD.
  • Current total investment, profit and fees paid.
  • Manage your tokens - hide, favorite.
  • Real time balance, rewards/reflections and price updates.
  • Community/public token notes and voting.
  • Token website, social media links.
  • Blacklisting of tokens that meet certain conditions.
Wallet Tracker

Annual (Tax) Statements are provided for your convenience.

Multi-chain Token Trader

Super Fast loading charts based on TradingView light-weight version charts application. (without technical analysis).

Best trade deal guaranteed by comparing all prices across exchanges.

We calculate the best price for your sell or buy at any exchange the token is currently listed on. Additionally we calculate the optimum settings, like slippage based on current trading volume.

Execute Arbitrage opportunities to increase your profits with one click.

Halcyon is not dependant on any 3rd party APIs! We create our own charts and token prices directly from raw blockchain data.

(Arbitrage) Trading is executed via our own router contract!

At a glance:

  • Community sentiment, token social media and website links
  • Statistics like 24h volume
  • Real time chart with #trades and volume per candle (no TA)
  • Real time prices for all exchanges carrying the token
  • Order Book. All your wallet transactions.
  • The last BUY shows current position: factor, profit, ...
  • Halcyon Compass Router enables cross-exchange (triangular and more) trades
  • Halcyon Templar Contract enables automatic trading (pre deposit)
  • swap between any token on a single Chain (no bridging/cross-chain yet)
  • get notifications when price reaches predefined target

Multi-chain Token Finder

Search through millions of tokens of all enabled blockchains. (Currently ETH, BSC, CRO)

Each token is checked for safe trading using a multitude of conditions. (Not financial advise, see Token Checker)

Educational Program: Halcyon Crypto Academy


Are you one if those ppl who's afraid of crypto, find it overwhelming and complicated? Halcyon initiative crypto academy. Free. No sign up. As a Halcyon holder you can earn tokens while learning. Simply answer an ongoing questionnaire on our website.

Through a series of articles, quizzes and our knowledge base you will gain the confidence to trade safely, understand the community lingo and eventually become a guru.

From a business standpoint the academy is meant to attract new investors and tie them to Halcyon by providing unique educational content, thoroughly researched and written with newcomers in mind.

We have the tools and know-how and experience to become a top pick in internet search engine results.

Marketing Plan

Note: (We held a small private presale back in November 2021 but canceled the launch due to circumstances) Further development to support multi-chain and private matters took a long time!

  • Pre Launch - Start social media channels on Telegram and Twitter and build awareness among seasoned crypto traders. - Build name recognition and trust by offering our Contract Checker to several communities. - Build Facebook business page to engage with people who are not familiar with crypto and it's communities on Telegram. (Currently close to 900 followers - May '22). As mentioned, Halcyon Crypto Academy is geared toward attracting new investors but also acts as a support base for our Facebook channel. Crypto Wizards AMA With Halycon, November 2021
  • Post Launch - Weekly quizzes with HALCYON rewards airdropped - Adding educational content with community feedback. - We're launching with two live applications: Token Checker and Wallet Tracker. - Each new release will be accompanied by a YouTube video. - New AMAs are planned!

Plans and strategy will be reassessed and updated every quarter.

Halcyon Core Team



Hello! My name is Kevin. I am 32 years old and I am self employed. In my spare time I play football(EU) and love being busy with crypto. Feel free to ask me anything.



I'm Layth, engineer by day, experienced crypto marketeer and sometimes graphic designer. If I am not at work or working for Halcyon, you can find me at the gym. I'm looking forward to make an impact in the crypto world, in a positive way, as a proud member of Halcyon.



I'm Albert (49), first and foremost an artist at heart, a developer for a living, and blockchain enthousiast. I have a strong tendency to do things my way, always keeping an eye at industry's best practices.



Hi, I'm a professional graphic designer and filmmaker. Exited to bring my talents to the Halcyon project.


I'm John, your game host, quiz manager and sometimes designer. I'm proud to be part of this hard working team and all up for a safer crypto world by providing learning through fun and excitement.

Members of the core team will never contact you through any means of communication! Don't interact with impersonaters! Delete and block and report!


Team formation Define concepts and goals

Code, functional unit tests and internal audits of our Solidity smart contract

Register domain halcyoninitiative.com Build out website

Develop Halcyon Contract Checker (HCC) Telegram Bot Web App Offer HCC bot version to Telegram communities for testing and name recognition building

Start social media channels Start development of Halcyon Wallet Tracker (HWT)

Start development of Halcyon Token Trader (HTT)

Educational program building

External audit of our smart contract by InterFi Network.

Beta testing the Wallet Tracker

A select few of our community members will engage in testing and provide feedback.

Public Release of the Wallet Tracker


Prepare launch

Presale date: September 1, 2022.


Apply for logo in wallets (TW, MM) and BscScan

Apply to smaller listing sites

Token Trader

Swap tokens at the best possible deal across exchanges.

Consolidate and add requested features to our Apps

Including bug fixes.

Expand Halcyon server capacity, adding more concurrency and throughput for future scaling.

Continue expanding the brand.

Partnership programs

Big Listings (CMC, Blockfolio, CG, ...)

Promotions with YouTubers and crypto influencers on twitter

Listing trading platforms (CT, IndoEx, ...)

Halcyon merchandise

Continue expanding the Apps.

Start development of crosschain versions of our dApps

Launch HALCYON on centralized exchanges.


FacebookTwitterOfficial TelegramTelegram support group for applicationsTelegram price alerts bot (not released)Telegram Token Checker (bot)

The token checker bot has been running since September 2021 in several communities to build brand awareness.

Wallet TrackerToken TraderCrypto Academy

Wallets / Contracts

Owner/DeployerDevelopmentMarketingCompass RouterTemplar Banking ContractHalcyon Utility Token

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