What can you expect and what have we delivered?

Team formation Define concepts and goals

Code, functional unit tests and internal audits of our Solidity smart contract

Register domain halcyoninitiative.com Build out website

Develop Halcyon Contract Checker (HCC) Telegram Bot Web App Offer HCC bot version to Telegram communities for testing and name recognition building

Start social media channels Start development of Halcyon Wallet Tracker (HWT)

Start development of Halcyon Token Trader (HTT)

Educational program building

Beta testing the Wallet Tracker

A select few of our community members will engage in testing and provide feedback.

Public Release of the Wallet Tracker


Prepare launch

Presale -> Launch


Apply for logo in wallets (TW, MM) and BscScan

Apply to smaller listing sites

Token Trader

Swap tokens at the best possible deal across exchanges.

Consolidate and add requested features to our Apps

Including bug fixes.

Expand Halcyon server capacity, adding more concurrency and throughput for future scaling.

Continue expanding the brand.

Partnership programs

Big Listings (CMC, Blockfolio, CG, ...)

Promotions with YouTubers and crypto influencers on twitter

Listing trading platforms (CT, IndoEx, ...)

Halcyon merchandise

Continue expanding the Apps.

Start development of crosschain versions of our dApps

Launch HALCYON on centralized exchanges.