Halcyon Smart Contract

Written from the ground up using Solidity's best practices.

The first truly deflationary Smart Contract.

SOURCE CODE Binance Smart Chain AUDIT InterFi

Halcyon Smart Contract features a completely rewritten auto-staking system.

  • Transaction fee setters are limited to sensible values. In effect this contract can not turn into a so-called honeypot.
  • 1% of the total supply is reserved for rewards. Halcyon has an AirDrop module for this purpose.
  • Zero buy/transfer tax!
  • 12% sell tax of which 4% goes back to holders (see tokenomics).
  • Any wallet and contract except liquidity pairs is limited to own a maximum of 1% of the total supply.
  • The contract has been audited using industry tools like Mythril and Slither. Third party auditing is underway...
  • All contract functions are fully unit-tested in a live environment to ensure 100% safety and operability.

Buy / Transfer Fees: None

Sell fee 12%

  • 4% auto-staking
  • 3% deflation + burn
  • 2% marketing
  • 2% development/nodes
  • 1% community (quiz airdrops)

Contract address: View on Bscscan.

Liquidity pairs: WBNB/HALCYON, BUSD/HALCYON, ...

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Exchanges: PancakeSwap, ...

Chart: Halcyon, PooCoin, DexGuru, BoggedCharts, DexTools, DexScreener.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 - 1 Billion

Liquidity ?00 BNB / ?00,000,000

Initial price: $...

Liquidity Pool holders: Binance Smart Chain

Token holders: Binance Smart Chain