Halcyon Initiative Litepaper

Overview of our concept.

Including presale and vesting schedule, pre-launch.


Halcyon Initiative is: One-stop solution Crypto Services consisting of a collection of online applications and educational content.

Made with love by a mixed nationality and doxxed team that started in April 2021.

Our detailed whitepaper can be viewed and downloaded here

Crypto Services

Halcyon Crypto Academy

Attract new investors by providing unique educational content, thoroughly researched and written with newcomers in mind.

We have the tools and know-how to become a top result in internet search engines.

Multi-chain Wallet Tracker

The only portfolio tracker with historic positions for the chain's native coin and all tokens in your wallet.

All tokens are extensively checked and blacklisted if necessary to protect you.

Includes a community system for sharing token notes and voting.

Multi-chain Contract Checker

Available as Telegram bot and website app.

Includes several other checks such as liquidity and developer trust. Ape with (more) confidence.

Multi-chain Token Trader

Best deal guaranteed by comparing all prices across exchanges.

Execute system suggested arbitrage trades with multi-hop trading pairs.

Halcyon is not dependent on 3rd parties! We create our own charts directly from raw blockchain data.

(Arbitrage) Trading is executed via our own router contract!

Multi-chain Token Finder

Find the right token on any chain currently supported.

Tokens are checked in realtime when a new trading pair is created on chain.

Blacklisting based on liquidity, trade volume, name hijacking and developer sentiment.

Halcyon Initiative supports all Ethereum VM blockchains (currently active: BNB, ETH, CRO)

Halcyon Utility Token

  • unique auto-staking system without reentrancy
  • zero buy and transfer tax
  • low network fees due to optimized code
  • fee setters have sensible max values

Buy / Transfer Fees: None

Sell fee 12%

  • 4% auto-staking
  • 3% deflation + burn
  • 2% marketing
  • 2% development/nodes
  • 1% community (quiz airdrops)
Liquidity locked forever.
- The wallet tracker is free to anyone. - Trading and arbitrage will incur a 0.1% fee for Halcyon holders on each trade - A 0.3% fee is paid by traders who do not hold Halcyon in their wallet. The fees go to the marketing wallet to further build our brand.

Smart Contract Audit



Presale is done via PinkSale

  • 70% liquidity / 30% development + marketing
  • max presale and team wallets 1% of total supply
  • Vesting: 50% on launch, every week 10%

Presale date: September 22, 2022.

After the vesting period, our investors will receive 5% bonus in the form of HALCYON tokens on the condition they haven't sold more than 50% of their holdings.



We're launching with the Token Finder and Wallet Tracker. Everything else will follow *not too long* after that.

Dates will be announced.

Halcyon Sniper Bot (Q4 2022)

Through our bank-like contract called "Templar" you can deposit native coins (BNB, BUSD, USDT, CRO or ETH depending on the chain)

Using our token trader with advanced trading features such as "auto-buy/sell", "trailing limit buy" you can snipe while sleeping.

The funds (deposited or from profit) can be withdrawn at any time.

You can create as many trade settings as you like. They will execute as long as you have funds available.

New blockchains will be added by governance. Holders' votes will decide our next steps.


FacebookTwitterOfficial TelegramTelegram support group for applicationsTelegram price alerts bot (not released)Telegram Token Checker (bot)

The token checker bot has been running since September 2021 in several communities to build brand awareness.

Wallet TrackerToken TraderCrypto Academy



Wallets / Contracts

Owner/DeployerDevelopmentMarketingCompass RouterTemplar Banking ContractHalcyon Utility Token

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